In December 2015, world leaders met in Paris at the UN Conference on Climate Change and agreed to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5ºC. European leaders are currently figuring out how they can fulfill their obligations under the agreement. It is clear, as a European Commission memo highlights, that European citizens need to make profound lifestyle changes.

Amidst the discussions of a pan-European response to climate change, we were interested in finding out how willing Europeans are to adjust their lifestyle. We conducted a census-representative survey of almost 12.000 people across all EU-28 countries and asked them about their lifestyle choices.


Overall, almost half of all Europeans state that they would spend between 1% and 5% of their monthly budget in order to benefit the environment. If we assume the average European citizen’s budget on final household consumption (which is €21.100 according to Eurostat), this amount would translate into something between €20 and €90 per month.

If Europeans are willing to give up some of their money to improve their environment, what would they spend it on? We focused on three sectors and asked how many people would spend more on sustainably produced food, electricity and transport.

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