2 January, 2017 – The election of Donald Trump has taken the world by surprise and is fuelling populist movements in Europe, e.g. in Italy, Austria and France. Understanding populism and assessing the impact of the “Trump effect” on Europe is a tremendous challenge, and Dalia wants to help pool brainpower to find answers.


Therefore, Dalia is opening up a large dataset to researchers and journalists for free.


Expanding Dalia’s quarterly EuroPulse omnibus survey to the USA, Dalia has conducted a representative survey across all 28 EU member countries and the United States of America about the prospects of transatlantic relations under president-elect Donald Trump. The goal of Dalia’s survey is to trace commonalities in social and political mindsets (like authoritarianism, prejudice, open-mindedness, xenophobia, etc) on both sides of the Atlantic.


About the Research Challenge

Sign up by emailing Niklas Anzinger to join over 50 researchers and journalists from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and more who will examine the data set and share their results. Feel free to do anything with the data set, from creating a cool interactive data visualization, to writing an in-depth examination of your findings. We at Dalia look forward to seeing what you create and will be posting our favourite interpretations of the dataset on our website. The dataset will be available and sent out to participants in early January.


Survey Question Examples:

“In Europe, who should mainly be responsible for welfare and social policy?”
“How many of your close friends and family do you think usually vote for the same party / party’s candidate as you do?”
 “In my country, the system is stacked against people like me.” (agree or disagree)
“Government is controlled by the rich elite.” (agree or disagree)
“I’d rather trust my own judgement than the opinion of experts.” (agree or disagree)