We couldn’t sail our home-made boat to Munich but that didn’t stop us attending Research & Results 2018!

Come and have a coffee on us in the booth H225 in Hall 2.
Meet us at the workshop in Room 1 on Wednesday, October 24, 10.45-11.30am (“Mobile Research at Scale”).
Meet us at the Innovation Stage on Thursday, October 25, 11.20am (“Revolutionising Data Collection: How MRP Can Improve Insights Generation and Data Quality”)

Follow the links below to download the files you need (saves you carrying them around the conference) or get in touch with us.

For Businesses

Do you seek insights at higher speed, cost-efficiency and machine-learning powered quality control?

Dalia uses technology and mobile-optimised survey design to generate high quality insights.

Our study capabilities range from market measurement to brand tracking and customer experience. We are available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Leave your details below to download Dalia’s best practice tips on mobile survey writing & the TrustScore to ensure respondent quality.