Consumer Confidence Report

Consumers are essential to the success of your business. Yet, measuring and forecasting their behaviour has always been a challenge. Dalia’s technology changes this. Our Post-Brexit consumer confidence report:

  • Compares consumer confidence across Europe's seven largest economies
  • Depicts different levels of financial security and purchase intentions amongst key demographics
  • BONUS: enables you to explore the opinions of 15,000 European consumers with your own choice of variables when you download our data package... [read more below]

Published: September 2016       Pages: 16       Prices:     PDF = €100       PDF + Data.csv = €150


Purchase intention, life events and consumer confidence

About this report

Unlike other consumer confidence providers, we differentiate between macro and microeconomic consumer confidence. This allows you to predict future consumer spending with more precision. Through country deep dives, the report also gives you detailed insights into the types of consumers that are more or less confident about the economy. Furthermore, the report reveals the important relationship between consumer confidence, major purchase intentions, political support and significant life events.

Use this report to:

  • Allocate your resources more efficiently by targeting the demographics most optimistic about their economic future
  • Mitigate risks with insights into how purchase intentions change at times of financial insecurity
  • Locate the consumers who intend to make a major purchase, change their spending habits or are planning a significant life-choice.
  • Impress your colleagues and clients with exclusive and original pan-European data.
Why we distinguish macro from micro

Product Descriptions

What will you get from the PDF Report (€100)?
What will you get from the PDF Report + Data Package (€150)?
  • 45 charts and tables covering attitudes towards future economic outlook, job security, personal financial situation, and the national economy.
  • Comprehensive demographic insights including: income, education, age, job type, gender... and 12 more.
  • Deep dives from Europe's seven largest economies: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and UK
  • Additional indicator variables including major purchase intentions (e.g. car, laptop, increase savings etc.) and significant life events (e.g. enrol in education, move house, change job etc.)
  • The opinions of 15,000 consumers across 28 European countries
You get everything from the PDF Report plus:
  • Raw data file (.csv) - enabling you to carry out your own analysis using hundreds of variables and bring original insights to your clients and colleagues
  • Access to a proprietary dashboard data explorer platform - enabling you to explore differing levels of consumer confidence at speed.


Executive Summary
1.  Towards a Better Understanding of Consumer Confidence
2.  Demographic Landscape of Consumer Confidence
3.  Impact on Future Purchasing Behaviour & Life Events
4.  Bonus: The Brexit Effect; Consumer Confidence and Politics


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