Since the beginning of September, Germany has had to deal with the largest influx of refugees since World War II, driven in large part by the civil war in Syria.

To gauge the impact of this situation on public opinion, we decided to conduct a study across a representative sample of the German population. Between September 23rd and October 11th, 2015, we conducted 1025 surveys across Germany. We then teamed up with The Changer, one of Germany’s largest social impact platforms, to publish the findings of this study.

The first article, that you can find here, focuses on opinions about the scale of the refugee influx, its potential impact on German society and economy, and the willingness of Germans to help the incoming refugees.

The results show that despite great initial enthusiasm about a “Willkommenskultur”, Germany appears pretty split in its opinion about refugees:

  • While about 60% express willingness to help, half the German population thinks that there are now too many refugees in Germany (11% think there should be more)
  • A vast majority (over 90%) expect increased immigration to continue for at least another year
  • Perhaps most interestingly, about a third of the population thinks that the influx of refugees will have a positive impact on both Germany’s economy and its culture and society (almost 50% expect a negative impact, though)


Want to know more? Check out The Changer article here : Think Germans Loves Refugees? Think again…

In a second part of this study, we’ll look at Germany’s thoughts on who should deal with migration crises and how Germany can help bring peace to Syria. If you want to stay up to date on this and other issues, please join our newsletter.

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