Fully automated access to audiences around the world


Finding the right audiences around the world for survey research used to be tedious, time consuming and expensive. Dalia’s “Programmatic Sampling” solution introduces real-time bidding and smart attribution to make data collection a breeze. It automates the entire audience access process to enable fast, efficient and high quality data collection around the world. Since launching, the platform has processed over 6 billion answers from 47 million people around the world.

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A one-stop solution for audience access around the world

Dalia’s publisher network covers more than 40,000 individual apps and mobile websites, thus enabling clients to reach audiences across 103 countries, covering 80% of the world’s population and 85% of global GDP. This fully automated, one-stop solution speeds up project delivery considerably and removes the need to merge datasets from multiple sampling partners.

To reach today’s consumers worldwide, we have developed an API solution that makes it possible to reach users in real time and in context.

Leverage technology to reach niche target groups

Through a combination of dynamic profiling and real-time attribution, we are able to access niche target groups anywhere in the world. Whether you’re interested in young mothers in South Africa or potential buyers of electric vehicles in China, the programmatic sampling platform can give you instant access.

The world’s largest sampling frame: 2.7 billion smartphone users

We make participating in research easy and in-the-moment without a sign-up or app download. This way, we can leverage the incredible reach of mobile across the world and confidently claim to be able to access the largest possible sampling population in the world.

Unprecedented quality, respecting the privacy of users

We have implemented a series of quality control measures from selflearning trust scores that observe click behavior and response consistency to duplication and fraud prevention through digital fingerprinting and device identifiers technologies. This reduces reconciliation rates, eliminates the need to go back into the field after a survey is closed, and enables our clients to complete projects on time and with quality responses. All research that is conducted through Dalia is based on a double opt-in standard and is fully compliant with all relevant legal frameworks and industry standards.

Bringing automation to survey research

Conducting survey research used to be slow and cumbersome, especially for projects that cover multiple countries. No more. Dalia’s audiences are accessible exclusively programmatically, eliminating the need to multi-source bids or pay minimum or service fees, which enabling clients to launch a survey 24/7.

Powering research

We’re proud to enable support the research of 4 of the world’s 5 largest research agencies, and the majority of leading digital data collection organisations. We’re consistently rated among the top partners on customer service, global reach, data quality and efficiency.


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