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Attribution Platform

Dalia is a survey attribution platform that connects to audiences around the world via publisher networks, DSPs and direct app-integrations. With a total reach of well over 1 billion users, Dalia has so far processed over 6 billion answers from over 50 million individuals from every corner of the earth.

Automating data collection


Finding the right audiences around the world for survey research used to be tedious, time consuming and expensive. Dalia’s “Programmatic Sampling” solution introduces real-time bidding and smart attribution to make data collection a breeze. It automates the entire audience access process to enable fast, efficient and high quality data collection around the world.



Revolutionising brand analytics


Every year, companies around the world spend $1.3 trillion on marketing and most of that goes towards building their brands. But current tools to analyse the effectiveness of brand marketing are very blunt at their best. Latana is our aim at improving this. It employs multilevel regression and poststratification to refine brand analytics and enable our clients to zoom in on very niche target groups.


Redefining consumer research


Decisions about whether to launch a new product and how to market it can make or break a company. But it is still painfully slow and expensive to understand the tastes, preferences, and desires of consumers. Caspian empowers decision makers to focus on what really matters for their company, their employees and the future of the global economy: their decisions.


Giving people a voice


The world is what we make of it! Dalia applies its platform to generate insights that help us better understand the world around us. From measuring the state of global happiness to gaining a better understanding of political risk, understanding changes in global mobility, tracking the health of democracy and giving Europe a voice – generating data with a positive impact for society is a core mission for us.



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