Dalia Research GmbH

Dalia Research GmbH, with its registered office at Skalitzerstr. 100, 10997 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter referred to as “Dalia”) will handle all personal information that is collected by Dalia through its services or its website in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations as further described in this privacy policy. Dalia’s website and services are operated under and governed by the laws and regulations of Germany.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Dalia’s privacy practices you may contact Dalia using the contact information disclosed in Section 9 “Privacy Contact”. Dalia reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time while observing current data protection laws. Dalia recommends that you regularly inform yourself about the privacy policy currently in effect.

1. General

Dalia collects, processes, and stores personal information, in so far as a legitimate business purposes exists. Dalia will delete stored personal information as soon as this legitimate business purposes is fulfilled or the deletion of such personal information is required by law.

2. Customers

If you are a customer of Dalia, such as a Market Researcher or a Survey Provider, Dalia will collect, process and store your personal information, such as contact and invoice information, for the purpose of executing the contract between you and Dalia. Dalia may collect, process and store additional personal information which are essential to carry out the agreed service between you and Dalia. This may also include certain information on the Users of Dalia’s customers. Details may be agreed in the respective service agreements. If you as a customer of Dalia provide personal information of your users to Dalia you warrant that you are legally permitted to transfer such data. Dalia will collect, process and store such user data only for the legitimate business purposes it has been transferred to Dalia and in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

3. Website

If you use a website or a web-service operated by Dalia, Dalia may collect, process and store information such as (dynamic) IP-address, a website or web-service from which you followed a link to Dalia’s website or web-service, information on your web-browser and your operating system and the date and duration of your visit. If you access the website or a web-service through a mobile or similar device additional data such as your device ID (eg UDID, IMEI) and operating system may also be collected by Dalia.

Additional information will be collected, processed and stored only in case you voluntarily submit these personal information to us, e.g. during a registration process, a survey or a request from you to Dalia.
Such data will, unless otherwise specified by Dalia, only be used for the technical administration of the website or web-service and are also used for statistical analysis on the website’s or web-service’s usage. Dalia will use such information to continuously improve the usability of its website or web-service and to identify possible technical problems.
In case our website or web-service contains links to websites, services or offers of third parties, Dalia is neither responsible for the content provided by such third party nor for the privacy of the information provided to such third parties.
In case you use such third party websites, services or offers Dalia advises you to inform yourself on the Privacy Statements of such third party.

4. Cookies and Tracking

Dalia uses cookies on its website or web-service. Cookies are small amounts of data used by your web-browser and stored on your computer or mobile device which contain personal data using pseudonyms like cookie-IDs.
Cookies are used to improve the usability of the website or a web-service, to provide a user optimized and individual service and to analyse marketing potentials.

Cookies may not only be used by Dalia but also by third parties. By using our website and web-services we provide cookies that remain on your device even after the usage of our website or web-service for a certain period of time.
If you don’t want Cookies to be used by Dalia or delete existing Cookies you can do this by using your web-browser security settings. You will find the relevant information on how your browser allows to disable or delete cookies in the help-section of your browser by using the key-words „disable cookies” or „delete cookies”.

Websites and web-services operated by Dalia use Google Analytics, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics also uses cookies. Information on the usage of Dalia’s website and web-services created by this cookie (including your IP-address) will be transferred and stored on a server operated by Google in the USA. In case of the activation of IP-anonymisation on Dalia’s websites and web-services your IP-Address will be truncated by Google either within the member states of the EU or in other EEA countries prior to this transfer. Only in exceptional cases the full IP-address will be transferred by Google to a server in the USA and truncated there. On behalf of Dalia Google will use this information to analyse the usage of its website and web-services, to compile reports on the website activities for Dalia and to render additional services connected with the website or web-service usage or internet usage. Google may transfer this information to third parties, if and to the extent Google is legally obliged to do so or third party act as data processors on behalf of Google. Google will under no circumstances associate your IP-address with other Google data.

5. User Profiles

If and to the extent to which Dalia uses personal information to create user profiles, you may object the usage of your personal data for the creation of such profiles towards Dalia anytime by sending an e-mail or write a letter to the contact under Section 9 “Privacy Contact”.

As long as you do not object to the use of personal data for this purpose, Dalia or a partner of Dalia can send you product information that matches your interests based on the information submitted to Dalia as well as the actions within Dalia’s websites and web-services. This information cannot be attributed to a specific user, unless the user voluntarily publishes this information to Dalia or a third party.

6. Surveys

Dalia may collect information of individuals through special surveys conducted by Dalia for own purposes or on behalf of a customer of Dalia. The participation in such surveys is completely voluntary. Dalia or the customer of Dalia on which behalf the survey is conducted is entitled to analyze such information in a statistical and aggregate form. Dalia will not knowingly contact a child to participate in any survey. Dalia considers a child to be anyone under the age of 13.

7. Security

Dalia uses technical and operational measures to ensure the security of personal information collected, processed, and stored by Dalia as regulated by law to protect such personal information against incidental or accidental loss or destruction of data, incidental or accidental manipulation of data or unauthorized access of third parties to such personal data. Dalia’s security measures are continuously improved in line with state of the art technical developments.

8. Customer rights

You can request to change your personal information collected, processed and stored by Dalia at any time (for example to update or correct it) or delete certain information simply by contacting us. Dalia will change or delete the user’s or publisher-user’s information as quickly as possible. On request Dalia will disclose all personal information stored about you by Dalia immediately and at no charge. This information will always be conveyed in electronic form – normally via email.

9. Privacy Contact

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Dalia’s privacy practices or in case you want to exercise your privacy rights you may contact Dalia by mail at or by writing to Dalia Research GmbH, Datenschutz, Skalitzerstr. 100, 10997 Berlin.