Dalia's Findings in the News

The Europeans primed to protest (Statista)

The world loves ‘Made in Germany’ (Forbes)

Most Americans still don’t use ride-hailing apps like Uber (Business Insider)

One nation is particularly crazy about cats (Quartz)

Finland trials basic income for the unemployed (The Guardian)

The defeat of Austria’s far-right presidential candidate is an unexpected boost for the EU (Washington Post)

Support for EU rises since Brexit vote, survey shows (The Financial Times)

Die EU-phorie wächst wieder (Der Spiegel)

State handouts for all? Europe set to pilot universal basic incomes (The Guardian)

China backed taxi app takes on Uber in Middle East (Reuters)

The global use of transportation apps (Statista)

Uber’s losses grow in Q3, but bookings rise (Business Insider)

Ukraine faces a heightened risk of instability in 2018 (Global Risk Insights)

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Datasets Available on Kaggle

EU–US "Trump Effect" Dataset

With the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Dalia conducted a EU-US survey about the prospects of transatlantic relations under President Trump. It is available here.

2016 EU Basic Income Survey

Dalia conducted the first large scale survey of Europeans' opinions and attitudes towards basic income. The survey, conducted in spring of 2016, is available here.

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