Democracy Perception Index – 2020

The Democracy Perception Index (DPI) is the world’s largest annual study on democracy, conducted by Dalia Research in collaboration with the Alliance of Democracies, to monitor attitudes towards democracy from around the world.

Getting ahead of the curve: assessing leading indicators of the COVID-19 pandemic

We surveyed citizens of ten countries to understand how their behaviour may be putting them at heightened Covid risk.

Global study about COVID-19: Dalia assesses how the world ranks their governments’ response to the pandemic

Almost half the world (43%) say their government is doing too little in response to the outbreak, global study from 45 countries reveals.

Consumers Choose Online, Sustainable, and Alternative Holiday Gifting Choices in Germany, UK, US

Findings and data visualisations from an online survey of consumer Christmas and holiday shopping trends in Germany, the UK, and the US for 2019.

Of People Who Know About Iran’s Internet Shutdown, Majority Think It’s Important

Findings about public awareness and sentiments towards Iran’s country-wide internet shutdown in November, 2019 for Germany, the US, the UK.

Hong Kong Protests Have Made People Value Democracy More

Since the Hong Kong protests began, people feel more strongly about the importance of democracy. Public poll results before the District Council Elections show that the biggest change came from older people in Hong Kong.

Women in Germany Want More Flexible Hours

Dalia’s 2019 online survey shows that women in Germany care more about flexible work hours than mentorship programs for women.

Democracy Perception Index 2019: Regulating Social Media and Finance

Key findings from Dalia’s global study on public opinion towards regulating social media and the financial industry. Data is available on Tableau for data journalism and public analysis.

Majority of Hong Kongers Consider Leaving; the Places They’d Go

Oct 2019 Hong Kong public opinion poll about top destinations to move to and reasons for leaving the city.

Monolithic to Modular Research Methods for Global Brand Tracking at Research & Results 2019

Highlights and slides on Dalia’s monolithic to modular research methodology for lean global brand tracking at Research & Results 2019