Europe is a global shaper when it comes to same-sex or gay marriage. Of the 20 countries worldwide that have legalised gay marriage, more than half are located in Europe and to this day, 17 out of the 28 EU member states legally recognise some form of civil union.

Yet, while legalization is progressing around the world, gay marriage remains a contentious and sometimes divisive topic. Only a few years ago, in 2013, France witnessed huge and passionate demonstrations against gay marriage. Homophobia still remains widespread in much of Eastern Europe and resistance towards gay marriage holds strong.

It is against this background that we decided to take a closer look at what Europe as a whole thinks about gay marriage. We conducted a census-representative survey of almost 12,000 people across all EU-28 countries to see how public support for gay marriage varies across Europe.


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Results showed that a staggering 69% of those surveyed think that gay marriage should be legal. However we noticed huge regional disparities…









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