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Latana is the first brand tracking tool that uses advanced data science to ensure accurate brand insights. Brand managers have access to precise information about how their campaigns are affecting brand performance, 1000s of different audiences, the ability to track real-world changes, and insights on how their brand fares against its competitors. The entire wealth of data is shown in an intuitive dashboard wrapping Latana up as the innovative brand tracker of the future.

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Monitor campaigns and grow your brand in no time

More and more startups and scaleups invest in brand. However, brand managers are unsure whether or not their money is well spent and if their brand is improving as a result of their investment. It’s not their fault. Brand performance is hard to measure and existing brand tracking solutions come with various issues: insights are imprecise and don’t allow for segmentation; they cannot take into account realworld changes so cannot be used for campaign evaluation; outdated reporting in the form of slides and spreadsheets, which makes sharing and analyzing information difficult.

Latana enables brand managers to get inside the minds of 1000s of audiences, even the most niche, thanks to the ability to segment by demography and unique audience attributes.

Understand how key competitors are performing within a brand’s target audiences

No matter how far a brand manager may deep-dive into audiences, a high level of precision is retained. This is thanks to Multilevel Regression and Poststratification (MRP), a statistical technique that allows us to obtain significant data where classic brand tracking solutions often have a margin of error of ~20%.

Monitoring the market doesn’t stop there. Latana brand analytics also makes it possible to understand how key competitors are performing within a brand’s target audiences and how they fare against each other. All this can be explored using an intuitive dashboard that immediately shows brands what matters and allows them to explore the entire wealth of data as they please.


Use the intuitive brand analytics platform to view the accurate and reliable insights collected for chosen brands. These insights can be used to measure brand performance across various target audience and see how each brand, audience and competitor is performing in terms of unaided and aided brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand associations.


We have implemented a series of quality control measures from selflearning trust scores that observe click behavior and response consistency to duplication and fraud prevention through digital fingerprinting and device identifiers technologies. This reduces reconciliation rates, eliminates the need to go back into the field after a survey is closed, and enables our clients to complete projects on time and with quality responses. All research that is conducted through Dalia is based on a double opt-in standard and is fully compliant with all relevant legal frameworks and industry standards.


The most exciting part of the journey is using the brand insights to tailor marketing campaigns to improve brand performance. But that’s not all. Also, segment the data by demographic and unique audience characteristics to discover new audiences.

Latana today

Latana is primarily used by startups and scaleups looking for an innovative and more reliable approach to brand tracking. It means being confident in the direction a brand is taking as well as identifying any gaps in its brand strategy. That’s why brands such as Revolut, Headspace, and Blinkist continue to choose Latana.

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