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Dalia is launching the first-ever daily global happiness monitor: everyday we ask thousands of people in over 50 countries around the world how happy they are, generating the world’s largest continuous dataset on global happiness. Our goal is to help organizations better understand the well-being of countries around the world in real-time, as events ranging from elections, sports, financial crashes, extreme weather, conflicts and new technologies send ripple effects around the globe. In doing so, we hope to prioritize happiness as the guiding indicator for national well-being and policy-making.

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By Frederick DeVeaux

Global Happiness Monitor

Global Happiness Monitor

By Frederick DeVeaux

Our Inspiration

Economic growth is an imperfect measure of human progress but it is the best one we have – or is it?

With growing inequality around the world, it’s becoming clear that GDP may not be the right tool for measuring what really matters. Maybe the world should have paid more attention to the King of Bhutan, who declared in 1972 that his country would measure Gross National Happiness instead. 

In a push to return to the fundamentals of well-being, we are proud to announce that Dalia has joined the growing group of scholars, organizations and entrepreneurs who are now aiming to put happiness back on the map.

Today, the most widely published measurement of national happiness around the world is the World Happiness Index, released by the UN on a yearly basis. This dataset is a treasure trove for those who want to understand the long-term developments in national well-being.

But what about the short-term? How do large-scale events, ranging from politics to entertainment to weather affect our short-term happiness from month to month, week to week, or even day to day?

The idea

The idea: Our global public opinion engine channels the voices of millions of people everyday – so we decided to use our technology to build the first-ever daily global happiness monitor.

The Global Question

To take the emotional pulse of the world, we simply ask the following question (based on the World Happiness Index methodology):

Did you experience any of the following emotions a lot yesterday?

Select all that apply

Physical Pain



Dalia’s distributes micro surveys through 40,000 different apps and websites, reaching millions of people on a daily basis. To track happiness levels worldwide we collect nationally representative samples (based on age, gender and education) of 200+ new respondents everyday in each of the world’s 50 biggest countries, resulting in 10,000+ respondents daily.

Dalia on Measuring Happiness

Read our most valuable, firsthand insights about our nations’ wellbeing and how happiness could become the most important indicator of success and policy-making.


We are calling all researchers, organizations and potential partners who are interested in collaborating with us – whether it’s providing us feedback, partnering with us on the initiative or simply getting access to the dataset.

Frederick DeVeaux
Senior Researcher