A few weeks ago, we shared the results of our pan-European survey on life priorities and saw that Europeans overwhelmingly cited family, health and having their own home as their top three life priorities. A deeper look however, revealed that priorities differ greatly across major European countries. For example, while votes for the top priority, family, ranged consistently between 72% to 80% across these countries, opinions were split for home, free time, money and career.

Here are some of the surprising things we found: When it came to “my own home”, the Polish and Germans were approximately twice as likely to choose this as a top priority compared to the French and Italians (49% and 46% compared to 24% and 23% respectively). Germany, the UK and France fought back against the “laidback South” stereotype and were more likely to select free time as a top priority than both Spain and Italy. In fact, the Germans stood out for caring the least about money (15%, less than half of UK’s 36%), the second least about career fulfillment (13%, less than half of Spain, Italy and France), and the most about free time (36%, 8 points more than the next highest, France)

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