In the midst of the political currents of today, do Europe’s citizens believe that relations with two major global actors, the United States and Russia, will improve, or do they expect tensions to rise?

While most Europeans thought relations would stay the same overall, more people expected relations with the two countries to improve than to get worse. Europeans were slightly more optimistic about relations with the US, than about relations with Russia: 33% think relations with the US will improve and 25% think the same for Russia. Among pessimists the difference was greater: only 9% of Europeans anticipate relations with the US to worsen, but 19% predict a decline with Russia.
When we compared opinions across countries, we found that Italy was the most optimistic overall, with 36% expecting improvements with both Russia and the US. Spain, on the other hand, leaned the furthest towards the US, with 39% of its population expecting improvements.

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