Why we do the e28™

As a team of data scientists, programmers, political analysts, thinkers and explorers from across the world, we benefit from open borders and the free exchange of ideas everyday. To us, this open exchange is at the heart of the European idea.

We also share a passion for knowledge. So we designed the e28™ as a contribution to transcend national boundaries and to find out what Europe as a whole thinks.

e28™ is our quest for knowledge – dedicated to the idea of an open Europe.

What is the e28™?

The e28 is a survey of public opinion, but it is not just any survey! It is one of the world’s largest “omnibus” research projects, where researchers, market analysts and other knowledge-seekers  can submit a question at a fraction of the cost of a customized, stand-alone survey.

The first “wave” of the e28™, in December 2014, was an experiment. Since then, we received tremendous feedback and encouragement from universities, think tanks, government institutions and companies from across the world. It now runs four times a year (and we’re trying to make it monthly).

In every wave, we interview a representative sample of 10.000 Europeans from all 28 EU countries in 21 different languages to find out what they think. Questions range from political topics, for example on attitudes towards trade or migration, to consumption patterns, market trends or just fun facts, such as which European country has the best food.


How we do the e28™

Over the years, we have grown an unparalleled network of over 40.000 apps and websites from around the world. Through this network, we invite a random selection of people to anonymously participate in research surveys.

For the e28™, we’ve built hundreds of demographic “cells” across the entire EU to represent all key demographic strata of society – old and young people, rural and urban, men and women, high income and low income, highly educated and less educated.

The answers are then analyzed by an algorithm that finds the appropriate weighting of the results. The final outcome is an aggregate picture of what Europe as a whole thinks.


Can I submit a question?

Yes, everyone can submit questions. Niklas (niklas@daliaresearch.com) manages the project here at Dalia and if you send him a note, he will help you get set up. We take care of all translations and interviews.

Once all interviews are completed, you will receive your own interactive dashboard, where you can slice and dice the data as you wish. For more complex analyses, you’ll of course also have access to the raw data.

Take a look at past results from e28

If you are as passionate about public opinion as we are, take a sneak peek into some insights from past e28 waves, published regularly on our blog.

In the past wave we found out that …

… only 1 in 3 Europeans trust their politicians

… twice as many Europeans would like to see more money spent on securing borders than on integrating foreigners

… a majority of Europeans think that more migration will lead to more terrorist attacks

… a majority of Europeans would prefer to work for smaller companies, rather than multinationals.

If you’re interested in our research or have ideas for future projects don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.