The free movement of people across the EU, guaranteed by the “Schengen Agreement”, is widely considered one of Europe’s biggest achievements. Amidst the recent refugee crisis, however, a number of countries – including Austria, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden – are re-introducing border controls. As a consequence, some politicians and commentators warn that, “Schengen is on the brink of collapse” (Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner).

Without Schengen, it will be much more difficult for Europeans to live and work in other EU countries, which could particularly harm today’s young and unemployed in their search for a job. We wanted to find out just how big the impact of a collapse of Schengen could be and conducted a census representative survey of almost 12.000 Europeans across all 28 EU countries.

Europeans on the move

The results were telling: about 25% indicated that they are “very likely” to look for another job over the coming year and of these, over one-third stated that they would move to a different European country to find it. Translated into absolute figures, this means that 17 million people – almost 9% of Europe’s currently active labor force – would be ready to cross borders for a new job.


2016-05-03_Job Seekers chart changer


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