End-to-End solution for Tracking Consumer Trends


Currently, gathering quality data about changing consumer tastes and preferences is painfully slow and expensive for global brands. Caspian is Dalia’s end-to-end solution for research and insights professionals delivering customized, cross-country data tracking.

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Keep pace with customers across global markets

Global consumer brands spend $80 billion per year to understand people’s motivations and decisions for purchases. Regular access to quality data is essential for staying relevant in a fast-changing world, but traditional methodologies are cumbersome and costly. Insight professionals who are increasingly leading decision making require robust research solutions that are automated, scalable, and offer dynamic reporting.

Caspian is Dalia’s solutions team that works with leading research teams to deliver modular consumer insights at scale.

Track Lean. Deliver Insights. Steer Change.

Caspian uses Dalia’s platform to reach over a billion online mobile users worldwide. By working with companies to focus on KPIs and drivers, mobile-centric surveys are trimmed, ensuring an over 80% completion rate. Caspian works with research and insights professionals to deliver modular surveys at meaningful intervals for strategic decision-making, delivered through API integrations and management-friendly dashboards.


Collect consumer feedback at regular intervals using lean surveys designed to match research needs, whether it is product development, pricing in emerging markets, or workplace perception. Track comparable retail data and brand availability in emerging markets. Improve response quality while retaining comparability for time-series data.


Reach consumers through a single, comparable data source: mobile. Caspian designs research to reach a statistically significant number of respondents in developed and difficult-to-reach emerging markets.


Caspian provides tailored solutions for clients using the Dalia Platform, which includes an MRP engine, automated weighting, a machine-learning TrustScore mechanism that observes click behavior and response consistency, dynamic profiling, and fraud prevention through digital fingerprinting and device identifier technologies. Dalia already supports the research of 4 of the world’s 5 largest research agencies and research conducted through Dalia is based on a double opt-in standard that is fully compliant with all relevant legal frameworks and industry standards.

Caspian today

Caspian works with leaders in global technology, retail, and finance to break down monolithic research approaches into modular tracking. Our solutions team works with insights teams to track brand health, sustainability, audience segmentation, and custom projects.



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