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Sr. Researcher

For anyone who looks at the world today and thinks “politics are broken – we can build something better”, the idea behind Dalia’s technology is intoxicating: at the click of a button, we can find out “what people think” anywhere around the world. I’m at Dalia because I want to put “what people think”, and by extension, “what people want” at the center of the solution.


Sr. Software Engineer

I’ve been obsessed with building and tweaking ever since reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a teenager. Dalia has allowed me to channel this long-standing obsession by giving me intellectually stimulating and exciting engineering challenges to tackle both in my everyday work and on the weekends as a lead builder of Kate, our second boat.


Project Manager

As an analytical person, I’m always trying to deconstruct systems, connect the dots and understand the world a bit better. Today’s world is a confusing one — information has become overabundant and easily accessible, yet it’s more difficult than ever to put it into context and understand what fuels public opinion. Dalia makes it possible to zoom out, understand the bigger picture and demystify the world, one project at a time.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Being surrounded by ambitious colleagues who encourage me to strive for more has been the major push for my professional growth. I started at Dalia at the start of 2018 and developed from a BI trainee to analyst after completing a rigorous tour of mastery. Today numerous teams at Dalia depends on me for insights which enable them to make better-informed decisions.


Product Manager

I love the office space! I’m always bouncing around to find a new work-nook. When I’m not cuddling with the office dogs, you’ll either find me lounging on a couch, perfecting my posture at a standing desk, intensely focusing at the library, or preparing lunch with coworkers in our decked out kitchen. I also enjoy the fun in-office team events, like movie night, workout challenges, wine tasting, cooking classes…Dalia really feels like a co-living space with friends.


Product Management Lead

Dalia is an absolutely unique workplace free of politics and rigid authority. To be a leader at Dalia your ideas need to be the best, your words need to be inspiring, your empathy needs to be exceptional. There is no space for ego, only teamwork and collaboration. It might sound daunting, but this is the culture that motivates me to become better every day.


Senior Account Executive

Ethics is what you do when no one is watching. At Dalia, when no one’s watching, we’re looking to make the world better. When no one’s watching, we’re honest and transparent with each other. When no one’s watching, we’re wondering what else we can do to help our clients. I work with companies, NGOs, and foundations with a new way of doing research and understanding what the world thinks and feels. Working at Dalia helps me be a better person.


Product Manager

I have found Dalia to be the home for the most dauntless and diverse minds coming together from more than 30 different corners of the world, creating one of the most friendly and yet professional work environments. I feel blessed to be a member of this tight-knit family sailing toward a better tomorrow.


Commercial Lead

I thrive in environments where I have a high degree of ownership and the freedom to innovate. This drive has fueled my entrepreneurial career path, having co-founded a startup in Copenhagen in 2017 and my current challenge as Commercial Lead for Dalia’s brand analytics business line. Any given day is as diverse as the next at Dalia and I’m always looking forward to what new challenges I can conquer next!

We spend every day thinking about new ways to improve the way people make decisions globally. Add your unique perspective to make our dreams for tomorrow move closer to reality.

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Our Benefits
Your individual growth means growth for the organisation. We organise internal trainings such as public speaking, and have a reimbursement plan for expenses such as language or coding courses, conferences, books, etc. 
Individual Coaching
Achieving greatness and individual success in your career is no easy feat. We invest in your future by facilitating structured, one-on-one coaching sessions. Our in-house coach can help you tackle your goals one step at time.
Platform for Change
Contribute to our #lightningpoll research and promote change on a range of social impact topics, including the state and future direction of democracy. Let’s bring awareness to global topics that matter, together.
2 Dalia Boats
We have two river rafts each fitting 30 people, decked out with a bar, sound system, 2 stories, and more. Check out our blog post about the whole process here. At Dalia we’re not just building boats, we’re building teams capable of building anything!
Fitness & Commuting
Everything that keeps you healthy, sharp or on the move makes us work better as a team. We have an annual credit that you can use toward fitness or for your daily commute to work.
Occassional Remote Work
Your productivity is very important and a change of scenery can spur game changing creativity and levels of focus. Never compromising on team collaboration, we support arrangements that help us achieve our goals.

Open Positions


Senior Data Engineer

Lead the charge to optimize and democratize our data infrastructure and enable us to better process and interpret the world’s opinions.

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Senior Data Scientist
You will develop predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, have a direct impact on state-of-the-art products (MRP), and tackle a plethora of exciting data challenges.

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Senior Test Automation Engineer

As an ambassador of our platform’s quality, you will be at the forefront of innovation, engineering cutting edge automation testing environments.
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Senior Frontend Engineer
Collaborate cross-functionally to create unique online experiences, presenting meaningful analytics and insights to users, and turning abstract data into interactive visualisations. 
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Senior Backend Engineer
You will play a pivotal role in continuous development of our customer-facing web application platform, our Ruby-powered web services, and entire backend systems.
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Senior QA Engineer

As an ambassador of our platform’s quality, you will be at the forefront of innovation, engineering cutting edge automation testing environments.
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Product and Creative

Graphic Designer

Design our externally-facing materials across print and digital mediums, bringing to life our product propositions and research with data visualisations that ‘pop’.
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Consumer Insights Lead
You will be the sparring partner for enterprise clients on designing customized, feasible surveys, reporting tools and scalable, standardized insights products.
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Sales & Operations

Senior Business Development Manager, Latana

Save marketers from mediocre brand analytics by joining our growing Latana team and improving our sales processes and connecting the team with new customers. 

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Commercial Lead, Public Sector
You will enable multi-national, cutting-edge research projects and be the go-to person for researchers at leading International organisations, NGOs, universities and think tanks.
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Senior Account Executive, Enterprise Sales
Nurture relationships with key accounts in Fortune-500 companies and develop them toward multi-million dollar partnerships.
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Senior Quantitative Researcher
Lead initiatives in cutting-edge sampling methodology and help transform public opinion research into insights that guide decision-making at a global scale.
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Talent Operations Manager
Your work will add a much-needed layer of quality and sophistication to the way we find and attract talent from all over the world.
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