People join cultures, not companies.

We at Dalia are committed to employing the best talent – and more importantly, to giving our employees the best back. Our team is a family, and we cherish the unique skills, personalities and life experiences each team member brings with them. If you're interested in joining us, check out the open positions below.

Open positions

Quality Assurance Engineer

Are you obsessed with perfection and anything less than 100% accuracy drives you crazy? Do you want to be the guardian of quality in a system where the voices of millions of people feed into strategic decision making at the highest level? Then find out more about this position...

Senior Infrastructure Developer (DevOps)

Are you excited about designing and implementing a big data architecture that supports one of the fastest growing tech startups in Germany? Do you want to scale an infrastructure that enables millions of people to share their voice? Then find out more about this position...

Data Engineer

Are you dreaming about analyzing what millions of people around the world think and feel right now? Can you develop systems to convert raw data into meaningful insights for data-driven decision-making?  Then find out more about this position …

Business Operations Trainee, Client Services

Are you thrilled by the thought of gathering market and opinion data from across the world? Do you want to take a critical role in a high-growth tech business? Can you build and expand strategic partnerships with leading global research organisations? Then find out more about this position...

Head of Marketing and Communication

Do you want to generate content that journalists crave to get access to? Are you excited by building a global tech and data brand? Then find out more about this position ...

Senior Manager, Publisher Relations

Are you excited by the thought of scaling our reach to the remotest corners of the world? Can you imagine having the voice of 80% of the world’s population at your fingertip?  Then find out more about this position ...

Quality Assurance Trainee

Do you love getting stuck in details and are proud if everything runs flawlessly? Are you excited about taking system-wide responsibility for quality testing? Then send us your application! Then find out more about this position...

Business Operations Trainee, Developer Relations

Are you fascinated by the thought of managing digital products that give millions of people around the world a voice? Can you manage strategic partnerships with leading mobile publishers and app developers?  Then find out more about this position …

Company culture

1. We care about knowledge

Not only talk, but also the walk. We give each employee a “personal development” allowance— for language or professional courses, conferences and workshops. Spend it monthly or save up, it’s for you to choose.

2. Healthy body is a healthy mind

We start the week off right with a team Pilates session every Monday morning. Also, at Dalia fruits, nuts and juices are in, sweets are out (well, actually they are hidden in the secret drawer).

3. No idea is a stupid idea

Beauty is born out of chaos. Every two weeks, Friday afternoons are reserved for a brainstorming session powered with a case of a local beer where everyone can propose their own idea for anything— from a product prototype, composing a company song or getting different juice flavours.

4. Open feedback culture

Regular, frequent and honest feedback is the key to getting better at something. Mistakes should be the next opportunities to develop and learn.

5. Events

We believe that regular events, from cinema to quarterly office parties are a key to a happy team. We have weekly team cooking session— and with 9 nationalities it’s a real global fusion cuisine.

6. Social Impact

Regular team “trips” but with an extra meaning— painting, helping, assembling. Or if you prefer not to make your hands dirty, we also use our technical skills, like IT, to solve particular problems that create a social impact.