At Dalia, we are very proud of our team culture. We’ve been building this culture from day one and it is something we will never stop working on. Not only is it great for the team, but it’s also a lot of fun too!

Last year, we decided to rock the boat when it came to team building activities and, well, we built our boat, Cindy. It was an amazing time. It was wonderful to see the team come together to work collectively on such a big project, but also to see everyone let their hair down and have some fun. The completion of Cindy has paved the way for some great experiences along the River Spree.

In fact, the happiness which stemmed from Cindy has been so high, we decided to do it all again! Join us each week over the next 6 weeks as we detail the sweat and tears (of laughter) that will incur the birth of Kate. And, if you find yourself hooked on Dalia by the end, why not come join us for the next team building event? Batten down the hatches, we are ready to set sail!

Preparing for the Big Build

We don’t walk the plank blindfolded when it comes to building boats. First, we determine our voyage. We kicked off things with a brainstorming session at the Dalia office. The main reason we wanted to build another boat, besides reliving the fun experience of Cindy, was that we needed something bigger! At the time of building Cindy, we were roughly 30 people. Now we are 55 and growing. Something bigger certainly needed to be on the cards! Kate should be able to hold around 100 people weight-wise and 40 people comfortably.

We also thought about how we wanted to improve Cindy. Many great ideas were pitched, from a water slide to bike racks. Which cool features were chosen? Well, you have to stay tuned to find out. We told Team Building Things what we wanted and they helped with the plan.

Then we came to the logistics. We chose people to lead different areas such as storage, music and electronics.

Finally, the start date. We kicked things off on Saturday, May 4th 2019, the first of the 12 weekend days it would take to build Kate.

Building Kate: Week 1

Over the weekend, 8 of us headed to Kreuzberg to begin work on Kate. The first job was to build the deck. We split into two teams. Half of us prepared the wood by cutting and painting it, while the other half measured and mounted the boards. Forget the gym. This is the ultimate workout! Quite a few of us had tight arm muscles on Monday morning.

Dalia Research boat building wood painting
Fernando and Nicolas hard at work painting the wood


Dalia Research Boat Building Base
Jakob laying the planks
Dalia Boat Building
Looking good!

Because this is such a big and important task, it took us the entire weekend, and a  bit of the next weekend, to do. We rewarded our hard work by having a BBQ for lunch on Sunday. Nothing refuels you like a tasty German bratwurst.

Dalia Boat Building BBQ
Dalia Research Boat BBQ
Making the food

Building Kate: Week 2

Work, work, work, work, work. We got so much done this weekend! The floor and front structure are now finished and we made a start on the back structure.

We had many people coming and going this weekend and as a result, laying the floor went by so fast. We really saw the value of teamwork as there was a lot of interaction, organisation and teaching each other new skills. Shout out to Festool who swung by to show us how to use some of their high-end tools. It’s so great to see people’s skills develop and the look of excitement on a person’s face when they use a drill for the first time.

Saturday brought rainy Berlin weather but that didn’t stop the fun. We enjoyed a healthy lunch of sandwiches and salad together. Saying that we weren’t sorry to see the return of the sun on Sunday. Naturally, we had a BBQ – and some of us even got a bit sunburnt. Better bring the suncream to protect us next week! Come back then to see what we got up to.

Dalia Boat Building Team
Team Kate
Dalia Research Boat Building
Putting things together
Dalia Research Boat Building
We love a good side view
Dalia Research Boat Building
Happy working faces
Dalia Research Boat Building
Getting there!
Dalia Research Boat Building
More woodwork
Dalia Research Boat Building
Hello Ghonche!
Dalia Research Boat Building
Hard at work
Dalia Research Boat Building
Like the view?

Building Kate: Week 3

Another great boat-building weekend made better by 25-degree weather (even if some of us got a bit sunburnt). We kicked off the weekend by finishing the back structure. The roof still needs to be put on as it must be waterproofed first and this takes a bit longer.

While we were waiting, we got a feel for the space and started to put together a structure for what will go inside. We are planning for a bar, a cooler box, a long bench where we all can sit, a folding table, and storage space which includes a storage unit and bike clips. We also made some prototypes for a driver’s chair, which will be submerged into the roof a bit. Oh, and we can’t forget our plans for those all important electronics, including a fibre optic wire that will go through the centre of Kate.

We balanced our hard work with a LOT of fun. Our boat Cindy came to collect us from Kate and bring us to an amazing party that went on until the early hours of the morning. This resulted in less Dalia builders on Sunday so we had a more chilled out day while still making plenty of progress. We also had our weekly BBQ and a Mexican feast on Sunday. Yum!

Dalia Research Boat Building
Valentine enjoying the sun
Dalia Research Boat Building
Building in the sun
Dalia Research Boat Building
Doesn’t this look fun?
Dalia Research Boat Building
Measuring up
Dalia Research Boat Building
Team work!