Two-thirds of Europeans for basic income – Dalia CEO presents surprising results in Zurich


Together with the scientific network NEOPOLIS, we have conducted the first representative poll on basic income across Europe. The poll reveals that, if they had the choice, a surprising two-thirds of Europeans would vote in favour of an unconditional basic income.

The poll about basic income was part of our e28™, a Europe-wide survey based on 10.000 interviews conducted across 28 countries and in 21 languages in April 2016.

Our CEO Nico presented the results at the “Future of Work“ conference on May 4th in Zurich, shortly before keynote speaker Yanis Varoufakis.

For the full presentation, and more exciting results about what Europeans think about basic income, check out the video below:

The presentation in the official video is here: Future of Work // Zukunft der Arbeit – Conference @GDI, Zurich May 4th 2016

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