Quality over Quantity: Europeans in open relationships are less sexually satisfied

Our survey shows that among 18 to 65 year olds in the 6 largest EU countries, Spain is the most sexually satisfied, followed by Germany. 41% of Spanish and 38% of Germans say they are “very satisfied” with their sex life. Italians and British are the least satisfied with 9% saying they are “not at all satisfied”. On average, 68% of all Europeans report they are satisfied with their sex life while 18% are not satisfied.


And, contrary to popular belief, people in open or polyamorous relationships aren’t more sexually satisfied: 71% of people in polyamorous or open relationships are satisfied with their sex life compared to 82% of people in monogamous relationships and 80% of people who are married, in civil unions or partnerships. The least sexually satisfied people are those who are single and looking for a relationship; only 40% are satisfied. Single people are also more likely to choose not to divulge information about their sex life.  
The survey also shows that general satisfaction increases with age among men but stays relatively stable among women. However, for both men and women, 25-30 year olds are most likely to report that they are ‘very satisfied’ with their sex life.


(Results from Dalia’s study of European relationships can be seen here)

*Correction: This post previously listed the results as representative of ages 14-65, however, in this survey only results from ages 18-65 are presented.

Header image by Charlie Foster