Women in Germany Want More Flexible Hours


Dalia conducts Lightning Polls, short surveys, to support organisations and partners who are building communities and creating a positive impact. For Persian Women in Tech Berlin, Dalia conducted a 24-hour online survey of 550 women in Germany asking what they would want if looking for a new workplace and what key issues they want their current workplaces to address.

Achieving gender equity and empowering women in the workplace is a common topic at conferences and online discussions. Pew Research Center’s Women in Leadership 2018 report went into detail about the wide gender gaps in views about the state of female leadership and the obstacles women face in workplaces. We wanted to ask a more basic question: what do women want in their current and future workplaces?


2 in 3 women in Germany say they want more flexible work hours


Our results show that of the 10 options provided (including Other and None of the Above), the issue that women are looking for in a new workplace is more flexible work hours. Two in three women (66%) selected flexible work hours, more than doubling the next two options of transparent salaries (29%) and a balanced gender ratio at work (29%). 


Workplace benefits that women in germany want

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For areas they would improve in their current workplaces, one in three (33%) women chose flexible work hours, while nearly one fifth (19%) chose transparent salaries and 16% chose a balanced gender ratio.


On the other hand, women in Germany were also less concerned about anti-harassment policies (8%) and mentorship programs for women (7%). Considering that the survey includes women in both skilled and unskilled labour, the finding requires further exploration into the reasons why such initiatives are not as prioritised.



This Lightning Poll was conducted on November 15, 2019 with 550 internet-connected respondents between ages 18-65 in Germany and the findings were shared with attendees at one of the first Persian Women in Tech events in Berlin.


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