Of People Who Know About Iran’s Internet Shutdown, Majority Think It’s Important

Findings from a recent Dalia Research study showed that about 1 in three people polled in Germany (41%), the UK (29%) and US (26%) are aware of Iran’s country-wide internet shutdown in November.

Of the informed public — people who have heard of the shutdown — majority (58%) believe that this is a “very important” issue. Between the countries, the US leads in feeling it is an important issue (66%), while the UK had 59% and Germany had 57%.


Iran internet shutdown awareness and importance in germany uk us

Iran’s country-wide internet shutdown began on November 17 and lasted for five days. As of December 2, parts of the country have become reconnected.

This survey was conducted within 24-hours, with census representative results from 550 people polled in each country for Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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