Life priorities in Europe

What do Europeans value most in life? In March and April 2016, we asked 10.000 Europeans across 28 countries to rank their top three life priorities among 11 choices.  The results? Europeans picked health (75%), family (72%), and their own home (34%.)

Our results also reflected how priorities differ by age. For example, the percentage who picked family increased from 61% among 14-20 year-olds to 80% of those over 50 years old. Likewise, health grew from 58% to 80% and home from 23% to 43%.

On the other hand, older Europeans care less about free time, career fulfilment and physical beauty: free time decreased from 35% to 23%, career fulfilment by 18 points, from 29% to 11%, and physical beauty decreased from 16% down to 2%.

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