Europeans are crazy for burgers

Different foods can often become the subject of brief, intense fads (think the obsession with avocado toast, the ramen renaissance, or the trendy new “unicorn food”). Many of these trends die out, but others, often cultural or ethnic food trends, continue to grow in popularity until they become fully integrated into the “mainstream” palette.

So what’s going on with food trends in Europe? In addition to exploring Europeans’ diets, Dalia investigated which types of cuisine Europeans are craving more of these days. Dalia provided a list of 18 food options and asked respondents for their top picks. Below we’ve included the top 5 selections from each country.

Dalia’s March 2017 survey of 5,218 people across France, Germany, Spain and the UK, revealed each country wanted more availability of burgers and American food. Besides burgers, there is a large interest in Chinese food, Mexican food, and local food. (Local food means, for example, that Germans want more German food, etc.) Spain was the only country that listed barbecue as one of its favorites, Germany included Greek food, and the UK sought out Indian food. Only France included sushi and seafood, while Spain and the UK want more healthy food options.

Below you can see a breakdown of the top 5 preferences for each of the countries surveyed:

With an interest in how these cuisine preferences have changed over the years, we used Google trends to take a closer look at each country’s top five picks. Google trends works by comparing relative search interests, with a value of 100 representing peak popularity. In the subsequent Google trends searches we compared the top 5 food choices from each country in Dalia’s survey starting from 2004. Among Germany, the UK, Spain, and France, searches for burgers have seen the greatest increase over time, while most other food queries have stayed relatively stable. 


Check out the graphs below to see how cuisine preferences have changed over the years. 


While it may appear that Japanese food is earning less interest over time, replacing “Japanese food” with “Sushi” shows a different picture. In France, searches for sushi eclipse all the other cuisine search terms. This matches up with data that put the French as the world’s biggest sushi consumers after the Japanese. For more information about culinary preferences, food delivery apps, and more, feel free to get in touch with our Strategic Initiatives Lead, Niklas.


Image by Niklas Rhose