45% of Europeans think marijuana should be legalised

While marijuana use in Europe is not as heavily criminalised as in other continents, there is no Europe-wide consensus on drug policy and laws vary from country to country. However Europe could eventually move towards legalisation, as many countries including Canada, the U.S., Colombia, and the Netherlands have already begun to decriminalise their harsher laws or to legalise marijuana completely.


Overall, there is no clear majority in favour. Asking a sample of 12.000 Europeans whether they support legalisation of marijuana,  45% of Europeans said yes, but the results vary by country. In Spain, where marijuana consumption is legal in private spaces through a legal loophole, a majority of 57% said yes. In France and Poland, where marijuana consumption is illegal, only 41% and 42% respectively said yes. The support for legalisation of marijuana consumption in Italy (51%), the UK (46%) and Germany (44%), where laws regarding consumption of marijuana are somewhere in between the two ends of legality, fell in between.