16% of Europeans are single by choice, 13% are still looking

How many Europeans are in relationships and how many are single? Turns out, finding the answer to this question is a bit complicated. National censuses usually only measure marriage and cohabitation rates, but these metrics don’t accurately capture the multitude of relationship types in society. This led Dalia research to pursue an investigation into the matter. Results from Dalia’s survey show that while 29% of Europeans aged 18-65 are single, the majority of them aren’t looking for a partner. 16% are single by choice and 13% are still looking. The UK has the highest share of people who are single by choice (23%).

16% of Europeans are in a monogamous, unmarried relationship. Poland (22%) has the highest share of people in a monogamous relationship and France has the lowest share (12%). France, however, has the highest share of people in marriages, civil unions or partnerships at 54% and the UK has the lowest at 38%.

While unconventional relationships may seem to be more common these days, they are actually still quite rare. Our survey shows that only 3% of Europeans are in an open or polyamorous relationship.


There are also notable differences when the respondents are grouped by religion. The results show that non-religious people are more likely to be single than those who identify as religious (34% v. 28%). Non-religious people are also less likely to be married, in a civil union or partnership (43% v. 55%).  


*Correction: This post previously listed the results as representative of ages 14-65, however, in this survey only results from ages 18-65 are presented.

Header image by Xopher Wallace