Our Story

Dalia was founded in Berlin in 2013, with a clear vision to utilise mobile technology to change the way that attitudinal data is collected, analysed and presented. Our goal is to be known as the platform and methodology of choice for global consumer understanding. In just three years we have already experienced significant growth, and in 2015 Dalia was named the winner of the IIeX innovation competition awards in Amsterdam.


We are passionate about understanding people and committed to using mobile technology to engage with people in a more natural environment. We use rigorous methodologies to ensure all of our survey results are of the highest possible quality. To learn more about how we work check out the following documents.

Who we are

Today we are an ever-expanding team of data scientists, creative geniuses, programmers, political analysts, researchers, thinkers and explorers. Our office currently hosts 11 nationalities, including German efficiency, Spanish passion, British determination and French flair, with a healthy cross section of avocado advocates, coffee lovers and world travellers.

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