Opposition towards the disputed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US has been increasingly vocal since the “Greenpeace leaks” in early May. But when we asked Europeans a bit earlier in March and April, 61% were still in favour of signing the trade agreement with the US. Only 13% saw the signing of the agreement as “very negative”.

TTIP support


Our survey among 10.000 Europeans revealed that support for TTIP varies among European countries, with support highest in Poland (72%) and lowest in Germany (49%). France (57%), the UK (61%), Spain (65%) and Italy (67%) are in between.

When it came to winners and losers, 49% of Europeans thought the costs and benefits will be equally shared between the two economic superpowers. However, 36% of Europeans saw the US as gaining more than the EU, compared to only 15% who saw the EU as gaining more.

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About the survey

These findings are part of the “e28­ project”, a quarterly survey by Dalia Research across 28 EU countries and 21 languages. In every “wave” of the survey, Dalia interviews a representative sample of 10.000 Europeans to better understand EU-­wide trends in public opinion, consumer attitudes and market developments.

The survey setup treats the EU, from a statistical and sampling perspective, as if it were one country. Considering the sample ­size and the design­ effect (calculated at 1.45), the margin of error is estimated at +/­1.2% at a confidence level of 95%.

Questions asked in the survey

How do you feel about the EU signing a free trade agreement (TTIP) with the US? (Very positive / Somewhat positive / Somewhat negative / Very negative)
Which side do you think has the most to gain from a free trade agreement (TTIP) between the EU and the US? (US / EU / Both would gain or lose the same amount)