The voices of billions

There is no stronger force in the world than the thoughts and dreams of billions of people

Every day, Dalia distributes millions of micro-surveys to mobile users around the world

With a capacity to generate over 1 billion answers per month across 150 countries, Dalia is a globally leading research tech solution that enables high-quality consumer, market and opinion insights.

Automating data collection

47 million

people have answered more than 6 billion questions since the launch of the platform

Revolutionising brand analytics

95 trillion

audience combinations are available to prove brand value across custom audience characteristics and markets

Redefining global consumer research


of researchers’ time is spent managing projects rather than steering change

Giving People a voice


of all people living in democracies think their countries are not actually democratic


employees from 36
different countries


Year established in

500 M

Micro-Surveys per


Respondents per day
in 100+ countries

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